Origins: Table of Contents
                          Science vs Faith
                          Basics of Evolution Model
                          Basics of Creation Model 
                         Frequently Cited Arguments of Evolution
                              Natural Selection:  Domestic Breeding
                              Natural Selection:  Peppered Moth
                              Natural Selection:  Darwin's Finches
                              Beneficial Mutations:  Sickle Cell Anemia
                              Geological Column
                              Homologous Structures
                              Vestigial Organs
                              Horse Fossils
                              Missing Links:  Archaeopteryx
                              Missing Links:  Lucy, etc.
                        Frequently Cited Arguments of Creation
                              Complex Organs
                              Fully formed species
                              Second Law of Thermodynamics
                        Related questions
                               Could human variety come from two original parents?
                               Doesn't coal require millions of years?
                               What about carbon dating?
                         What does the Bible say?
                         Recommended web sites